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Assist Questionnaire

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BANDURA’S INSTRUMENT TEACHER SELF-EFFICACY SCALE This questionnaire is designed to help us gain a better understanding of the kinds of things that create

1 This guide is designed to assist clinicians serving adult patients in screening for drug use. The NIDA Quick Screen was. protective sheet should be placed on top of the questionnaire so it will not be seen by other patients after it is completed but before it is filed in the medical record.

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Originally developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the ASSIST is a brief, structured questionnaire that assesses substance use and substance.

ASSIST Questionnaire. The ASSIST is one of the longer screening tools and can take as long as 10 minutes to complete; it covers alcohol, tobacco, and illicit.

This questionnaire provides information that will assist the study in a number of ways: 1)it will help us construct a pool from which to select raters for the reputational survey; 2)it will provide us enough information about you that we can collect data on grants, citations, and publications from other sources; and 3)it will permit a.

To support more advanced questionnaire implementation, the Structured Data Capture (SDC) implementation guide has been created to provide non-country-specific guidance on the use of most of these extensions and sets expectations for systems wishing to support more complex forms.

The Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST) identifies a student’s characteristic orientation to studying as either "deep", "surface", "strategic", "lack of direction" or "academic self-confidence", all of which logically contribute to concretely differing learning outcomes.

This questionnaire (the AUDIT) is reprinted with permission from the World Health Organization. To reflect drink serving sizes in the United States (14g of pure alcohol), the number of drinks in question 3 was changed from 6 to 5. A free AUDIT manual with guidelines for use in primary care settings is available online at

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