Past Programs in Review

2013-2014 Chapter Meeting Schedule

June 17, 2014:  2014-2015 Officer Installation and CMOTY Presentation
May 20, 2014:  Employee & Organizational Development-One Note and More, CSC 101A, 1 Recert. point
April 24, 2014:  Administrative Professionals Day (APD) Conference
March 17, 2014:  Coach Mark Johnson-Dynamic Leadership, in room 101 General Service Complex, 1 Recert. point
February 18, 2014:  Flora Keys from IAAP Texas-Louisiana District, 5:30-7:00 pm in room 101 General Service Complex, 1 Recert. point
December 10, 2013:  The Communications Calling, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Multipurpose Room behind Hope Evangelical Free Church 5376 Raymond Stotzer Parkway (just past the airport on 60) College Station, TX 77845 
November 19, 2013:  Financial Literacy Class, GSC 101A, Caterer:  Potato Shack
October 13, 2013:  Ten Tips for Communicating with Your Boss, Ashley Chruszczak, Office Team, TEEX, Room 1105 D, Caterer: Kozi Kitchen 
September 22, 2013:  Google + Training, Denise Vajdak, CAP-OM, City of Bryan, 2 Recert. points 
September 17, 2013:  Customer Service and You, Flora Reeves, GSC 101A, 1 Re-cert. point
August 20, 2013:  Personal Safety in the Work Place, Kristi Hosea, GSC 101A 
July 16, 2013:  PR in Difficult Situations (Speaker:  Representative John Raney), the College Station Hilton 

2013-2014 Social Events Schedule

February 13, 2014:  Dinner & A Movie for Valentine's Day
December 12, 2013:  Annual Holiday Social
August 28, 2013 –Movie Night Out 
September14, 2013 - Kolache Festival 
October29, 2013-Candy Making for Halloween 
November21, 2013-Bow Making for the Holidays 
December19, 2013-Caroling 
January 9, 2014-Movie Night at Home (Location: TBD) 
February13, 2014-Have a Makeover /or Pedicure 
March 15, 2014-Shopping at the Woodlands 
April 17, 2014-Wine and a Massage 
May9, 2014-Bowling 

2012-2013 Chapter Meeting Schedule

August 21, 2012:  Recruiting (Speaker:  Amy Riechman)
September 18, 2012:  MS Excel Tips & Tricks (Speaker:  Richard Carrol)
October 16, 2012:  Leadership and Bosses Day Celebration (Speaker:  Tina Wiggins, CAP-OM)
November 20, 2012:  Building Relationships Across Space and Time (Rosie Schoenfeld)
December 6, 1012:  Annual Holiday Social, 6:00PM- 8:00PM at the Longhorn Tavern.
January 15, 2013:  SharePoint:  Collaborative Software from Microsoft, (Speaker:  Jan McCoy, CAP-OM)
February 19, 2013:  Virtual Meetings, Virtual Teams, (Speaker:  Valerie Sorenson)
March 19, 2013: Research and Findings on our Work Involving Faculty/Staff Interaction (Speaker: Linda Stelly, CAP-OM)
April 25, 2013:  Administrative Professional Day Conference
May 21, 2013:  Mobile Devices, Mobile Documents & the Office (Speaker:  Denise Vajdak, CAP-OM)
June 18, 2013:  2013-2014 Office Installations and CMOTY Presentation

Social Events 2012-2013

September 2, 2012:  Dinner & a Movie
October 30, 2012:  Couponing Class 5:45-8:00pm, location TBA.  Please RSVP Theresa Morrison by noon October 26th.
November 15, 2012:  UPaint it, 900 Harvey Rd, Ste. 5A, $4.00 studio fee and the cost of your selected item. RSVP required to Theresa Morrison
December 6, 2012:  Annual Holiday Social at the Longhorn Tavern
January (tba), 2013:  Spa Day
February 9, 2013:  Sweets & Treats Social Event, 1:00-4:00 PM

2011-2012 Chapter Meeting Schedule

August 16, 2011:  Computer Hardware/Software (Speaker: John Gonzales)
September 20, 2011:  Succession Planning (Speaker: Valerie Sorenson, CAP-OM)
October 18, 2011: People Reading: The Vital Role that Active Listening Plays in Effective Communication (Speaker: Carla Flowers, CAP-OM)
November 22, 2011: Office Safety (Speaker: John Van Hyfte)
December 1, 2011: Holiday Social
January 17, 2012: How to Improve and Share Your digital Images (Speaker: Dr. Ron Billings)
February 21, 2012: Team Development Tools (Speaker: Anne Mayer)
March 20, 2012: Building Trusts (Speakers: Rosie Schoenfeld & Jan McCoy, CAP-OM)
April 26, 2012:   APD Event Topic: Office Politics (Speaker: Dr. Merna Jacobsen), Facilitating Difficult Conversations (Speaker: Dr. Christine Stanley), & Topic: Developing Your Leadership Skills (Speaker: Mr. Al Davis)
May 22, 2012: Creative Leadership (Speaker: Suzanna Ramos)
June 19, 2012:  Installation of 2012-13 Officers

July 17, 2012:  Make your Butterflies Fly in Formation (Speaker:  AL Flores, VP for Public Relation for the Silver Tongue Toastmasters Club


Social Events 2012

January 27 (Fri.):  Dinner at Abuelo's (RSVP by January 25)
February 11 (Sat.):  StageCenter, Neil Simon's Last of the Read Hot Lovers, 6:30 pm, $10.00 (RSVP by February 1)
March 2 (Fri.):  First Friday in Historic Downtown Bryan, 5:45-10:00pm (RSVP by February 29)
April 14 (Sat.):  The Woodland's Mall/Sam Moon (RSVP by April 11)
May 26 (Sat.):  Pistol Shooting Range (RSVP by May 23)
June 8 (Fri.):  Brazos Valley Bomber's Game, Opening Day (RSVP by May 31)

June-Officer Installation
July-Hear What I’m Saying, Read What I’m Writing, and Working with the Media-1 recert point
August-Goal Setting-1 recert point
September-Office 2010-1 recert point
October-Executive of the Year Event-Leadership & Energizing Your Team-1 recert point
November-Avery Presentation-1 recert point
November (Saturday Seminar)-Financial Planning and Meeting Planning 101-2 recert points
December-Holiday Social
January-Going Beyond Administrative Assistant-1 recert point
February-Diversity in the Workplace-1 recert point
March-Going from Unsung Hero to Superhero-1 recert point
March (Saturday Seminar)-Business Etiquette-2 recert points
April-Administrative Professional Day Conference-3 recert points
May-Interview Skills-1 recert point

The 2009-2010 program year for the Bryan-College Station Chapter of IAAP again included a wide variety of special speakers.  Below is the listing of programs, speakers and recertificiation points.

July - Building Winning Teams - 1 recert point
August - Tips & Tricks in PowerPoint 07 - 1 recert point
September - Handling Difficult Situations and People - 1 recert point
October - How's Your Work Attitude? - 1 recert point 
November - Get Organized - 1 recert point
December - Holiday Social - No recert point
January - The Heart of a Leader - 1 recert point
February - Managing the Work-Life Circus - 1 recert point
February Seminar - I Am the Game/Skills Portfolio - 3 recert points
March - Tools of Social Networking - 1 recert point
April - APD - 7 recert points
May - Election of Officers - No recert point
June - Installation of Officers

The 2008-2009 program year for the Bryan-College Station Chapter of IAAP included a wide variety of special speakers and topics.  Members and guests have enjoyed learning about memory retention, the new Microsoft 07, diversity, and other important topics.  Recertification points can be earned during most meetings.  Below is a snapshot capturing our exciting last two years!

July-Thank you Brain for All you Can Remember-1 recert point
August-MicroAge: Office ’07 Tips & Tricks-1 recert point
September-Conquering the Conference Planning Nightmare-1 recert point
October-Ultimate Tag Team: The Essentials of Teamwork1 recert point
November-Changing Places, Changing Faces -1 recert point
December-Holiday Gathering-0 recert point
January-Resume Writing-1 recert point
February-Mastering Skills to Stay Ahead in the Admin Field-1 recert point
March-Annual Performance Review–Preparing in Advance-1 recert point
April-Administrative Professionals Day Conference-5 recert point
May-Chapter Elections & How to Prepare a Workstation (Desk) Manual-1 recert point
June-Installation of Officers Banquet-1 recert point