Note from the President

  It’s time to bring our chapter to a close.  

  The Bryan/College Station Chapter has gone through many changes since our start in
  1955.  Through those 60 years, we’ve had amazing lead
ers and engaged members.  Give 
lf a high five for your efforts and participation, especially during the times of
  uncertainty and change.  Even if you do not agree with the direction the home
  organization is taking, let’s not for
get the friends and resources we have made through
  IAAP and our own chapter.  I encourage you to not lose those connections.


In order to keep communication among our cadre of administrative professionals and networks, we have changed the name of our Facebook page to Brazos Valley Assistants.  The page will be used to share tips and tricks, events, and training opportunities.  This is an interactive group where anyone can, and is encouraged to, post items.  Let us know if you are going to a conference, heard about a webinar, or learned some tip that could help many others!  If you aren’t already a group member, do a search for “Brazos Valley Assistants” and click the “Join” button.  Be sure to turn notifications on for “All Posts”, once you are accepted to the group.  If you invite someone, be sure to accept them as a member and welcome them to the group. 

If you have questions about what is happening in headquarters or in our Texas-Louisiana Division, please remember the Division stays open until June 30th.  You can also keep track of the newly formed South Texas-Louisiana Branch on Facebook. They will be getting a website soon.

If you are a current IAAP member, you can still log into to check e-groups and get updates in the organization. Visit the IAAP homepage to learn more about the IAAP Revitalization.  We have submitted the application for a LAN (Local Area Network) and updated info will be on the Facebook Page as well as info on upcoming Connections & Cocktails.  If you find information that you think will be useful to the group, please share it on the Brazos Valley Assistants Facebook page!

Thanks to all of you for making this year, and all past years, memorable.  Best wishes to you in the next steps of your careers and lives!